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Sell your Firearms/NFA Items

Have an old rifle or shotgun to sell? I'm always looking to provide my customers with solid hunting equipment and it doesn't have to be a safe queen ether.
We buy used hunting rifles and shotguns in working condition that are safe to operate.
Non working rifles and shotguns can be turned in for proper disposal.
Have an NFA Item your just not using?  With a 07 FFL and a Class 02 SOT we can buy any legal NFA Item.  Silencers make great hunting accessories, short barreled Rifles and Shotguns are usefull in heavy brush hunts.  Other NFA will also be items considered.

Always looking for;
  • Marlin Rifles (JM Stamped)
  • Remington and Winchester Rifles
  • Browning Sweet 16's and Light 20's
  • German Drilling or Combination firearms like the Savage 22/410
  • Ithaca and Beretta Shotguns
  • Ruger Red Label Shotguns
  • Black powder Rifles, Lyman, Thompson Center, Knight, White, Gonic, Markesbery Etc...
  • Anything that will make a good hunting firearm
  • Collectors hunting firearms, some of those old side by sides are really something.
  • Shootable condition rifles in 30-30, 30-06, 308, 270, etc are always welcome.  Doesn't have to be a safe queen to be useful to someone else.
  • Will also buy NFA items.  Short Barrel Rifle or Shotgun
Quoted price contingent on final inspection(s).